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Slow Fashion Weekly, launched in May 2020, is a round-up of interesting stories, novel ideas and cool local discoveries challenging our collective addiction to fast fashion and mindless consumerism.

The newsletter is sent every Friday and includes original and exclusive insights, curated style inspirations, Q&As, invitations to private events, and occasional discount codes in collaboration with a slow fashion or lifestyle business.

Every week I explore different topics linked to clothing consumption, from the psychology of buying new things we don’t need to the science of a low-impact fashion wardrobe. I share insights on how to make the switch to sustainable alternatives and give you a selection of resources to deepen your knowledge on the topic. You’ll also find clever ideas to take action and inspire others.

You’ll discover gorgeous and affordable fast fashion alternatives, European brands off the beaten track, and tips to find your own and unique personal style. You'll also learn about fashion's impact on people, planet and animals. Through short and documented news articles, I'll teach you how to spot and avoid greenwashing. 

Every edition is absolutely unique and SFW was even featured in!

Why should I subscribe?

The newsletter is a great resource if you’re looking for fast fashion alternatives, with a focus on European designers and brands. Slow Fashion Weekly’s primary mission is to highlight ways you can buy less but better, in order to build a wardrobe that suits you and your style. Most of the content focuses on womenswear and vintage but it also touches on other topics linked to sustainable consumption such as plant-based food, zero-waste living and clean beauty.

Beyond clothing and shopping, the newsletter is also a source of inspiration to live a more mindful and creative life, drawing from my French-Brazilian multicultural background and own experience writing independently, living abroad and modelling since 2010. As such, I also share what inspires me in the hope it will be useful and interesting to you too.

Who are you?

My name is Inês Fressynet and I’m a writer, journalist and content creator from Paris, France. I’m half French, half Brazilian and I moved to London in 2014.

Before launching my newsletter, I was luxury and lifestyle editor at euronews, Europe’s leading news television network, for three years. I drove the sustainability agenda in this category and launched ‘Euronews Living’ in 2017, a digital magazine dedicated to the latest eco-innovations in food, wellness, travel and fashion. Before that, I worked as a freelance travel and culture producer for France Télévisions and other television networks.

I have a Master’s degree in broadcast and digital journalism from City University, and a Bachelor degree in Modern Literature from the Sorbonne in Paris. Between 2012 and 2014, I also completed a 2-year academic program that focused on researching and writing about the Slow Journalism movement across the world. I’ve worked as a commercial model, in both Paris and London, since 2010 on the side.

I’ve written travel and beauty stories for Suitcase magazine, BBC, Monocle, and Treehugger amongst others. I’ve produced fashion-related content in collaborations with brands such as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, AmaElla, Elizabeth Scarlett, Lacausa, Clo de Vila and Bibico.

As a journalist and presenter, I’m represented by LoudSpeaker agency. As a model and content creator, I’m represented by Sandra Reynolds. You can browse my portfolio here for an in-depth look at my journalistic work.

I was born in 1990, in Paris. I love thrifting, cheesy sci-fi movies, the nineties, fashion history books, film photography, feminist podcasts, working out, wearing power suits, tasting new vegan foods, hosting, Brazilian music, travelling, reading and drinking coffee amongst many other things. 

Where can I read some examples of your slow fashion work?

I regularly publish free articles on my blog, Slow Fashion Stories (available in English and in French). Below is a list of the most read articles:

1) How to know if a piece of clothing is worth your money

2) Everything you need to know about vegan style and fashion

3) How to spot and avoid greenwashing in 2022

4) How to build a versatile and functional capsule wardrobe

5) 10 common wardrobe issues and solutions for each

Come say hello on Instagram. I can be found @inesfress in English and @inesfressynet in French :)

Thank you for reading and see you next Friday.