Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned - A new textile economy, redesigning fashion future by Ellen MacArthur Foundation. 


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Slow Fashion Weekly is a round-up of interesting news, ideas and other cool discoveries challenging our collective addiction to fast fashion. The newsletter includes original and exclusive content, Q&As, invitations to private sales (in London/Paris), and occasional discount codes in collaboration with slow fashion or lifestyle businesses.

Every week I explore different topics linked to clothing consumption, from the psychology of buying new things we don’t need to the science of a low-impact fashion wardrobe. I share insights on how to make the switch to sustainable alternatives and give you a selection of resources to deepen your knowledge on the topic. You’ll also discover clever ideas to take action and inspire others. 

Every newsletter is absolutely unique and SFW was even featured in elle.com earlier this year!

I also publish regularly on my blog, Slow Fashion Stories. Below is a list of the most read articles this year:

1) How can I know if a piece of clothing is worth my money?

2) The comprehensive vegan style and fashion guide

3) What is greenwashing, how to spot and avoid it

4) How to build a versatile and functional capsule wardrobe

5) 10 common wardrobe issues and solutions for each

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